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Jul. 12, 2023

Modern furniture is very popular today, it can be very easily recognized and noticed. These designs are mostly made to settle from the simplest to the most luxurious home, with their appealing designs that are ideal for any environment.

When it comes to modern furniture designs, these designs were made to not attract too much attention, and to be fully functional. Additionally and most importantly modern designs seek to be universal, but still aesthetic and appealing to the person who sees it. This style has some unique characteristics that combined together make this art movement special and unique. The main modern furniture design characteristics are smooth surfaces, lacking of ornamentation, neutral colors, all kinds of materials combined together, and in most cases minimalist designs.

Better Bona's extensive product line is designed to accommodate a wide range of shoppers and finances. From commercial projects and high-end homes to your everyday apartments and condos, we offer a selection for even the most particular consumer without straining their budget. We believe you should not have to sacrifice quality for affordability. On the other hand, our dedication to customer service is a priceless asset you don’t have to pay extra for at Zuri. Our talented staff can assist you in all aspects of design- from floor plans to delivery. We strive to find you a perfect match and follow-up with great delivery and support after your purchase.

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